Getting Hands Ready for Work and Play

Child Waving Hands Above His Head

Child Waving Hands Above His Head

Some children are not sure ‘where” their hands may be. This will cause difficulty for the child when they use their hands in play and teacher selected activities. For all children, typical or children with special needs, it is a good idea to get their hands ready to engage in activities!

The following bullets may give you some simple ideas on how to get hands ready.

• S-T-R-E-T-C-H. You can have the class stretch their arms and hands, opening the fingers wide. Then close them and bring arms down. Have the students repeat this 3-5 more times. If you prefer, can just have them stretch their hands and close them.

• Have them wiggle their fingers and shake their arms, or again just wiggle their fingers like little worms.

• Have them press their hands together or on the table top. This alters the brain to “ahh … hands”, and by having the arms do the same, this alters the brain to say “ahhh… arms”. Now we are ready to play.

My teachers and I always like to add a little crossing the midline activities (as I mentioned in a previous blog) that allow the brain to say “ahh there are 2 sides of the body, and we belong to the same person and can work/play together as one.”


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