Working as a therapist in a school setting I have noticed that some children, whether they are special needs or not, look perplexed when asked “let’s draw a picture” or “would you like to draw a picture?”.  They look back with a smile and gesture and/or say with a smile, “Yes,” but then state they do not know what to draw, or they draw the picture of the potato head person.  Teachers and parents have also verbalized that they have observed the same.  It seems that today children are provided with items/activities that they do not know how to use to stimulate their imagination.  Our products have been designed not only to assist with fine and visual motor skills but to assist with developing creativity.

Another one of our new products was designed to assist with developing the skill of “how to” build a picture.  It is a fun dice game for 2.  Each individual has a playing board and pieces to build a picture.  The children take turns rolling the dice to create a picture.  The activity works on matching their piece to the one on the dice,  locating where the piece should go (such as the sun near the top or bottom of the board), spacing (not placing everything on top of each other) and social skills (cooperating and taking turns).  Once the picture is done, the child could tell a story about the picture.  The teacher/therapist/parent may work on orientation words such as “let’s put the doggie in front of the dog house”, or next to, between, on top and so forth.  You may also decide after playing the game a few times to take away the playing pieces except for the dice and replace the playing board with  a piece of paper and crayons.  The child can now roll the dice and draw the item rolled, creating their own picture.

One of the games centers around a rainy-day theme. Using the game with the rain scene, the raincoat fits on the figure of the boy, so you may decide the rules of this game are to sequence the steps. For example, they may need to roll the figure of the child first before they place the raincoat.

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